iHentai's Neverwinter TR Power Build

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My personal crit burst dmg record: 81869 on 2nd boss @ Epic Cloak Tower with +7300 GS

Recommended skills (max these)

Sly Flourish (Main skill PvP/ Secondary PvE )
Cloud of Steel (Secondary PvP skill)
Duelist Flurry (Main PvE skill)
Lashing Blade (Burst dmg Encounter Skill)
Smoke bomb (AoE Daze for PvE and PvP)
Dazing Strike (Frontal AoE Dmg & Daze skill for PvE/PvP)
Deft Strike (Teleporting attack skill for PvP)
Impossible to Catch (Escapes CC skill for PvE and PvP)


Skillful Infiltrator(PvE/PvP)
First Strike(PvP)
(These three passives are your best choices for PvE and PvP)


Sly Flourish
Cloud of Steel
Lashing Blade
Smoke Bomb or Deft Strike
Impossible to Catch
Lurker's Assault
Shocking Execution
First Strike
Tactics or Skillful Infiltrator


Sly Flourish
Duelist Flurry
Lashing Blade
Smoke Bomb
Dazing Strike
Lurker's Assault
Shocking Execution
Skillful Infiltrator

TR Feat Build

NWTRFeatbuild3 zps1eded729

iHentai's Neverwinter TR Feat Build

Heroic Feat(20):

Action Advantage 3 Weapon Mastery 3 Toughness 3 Cunning Ambusher 3 Endless Assault 3 Disciple of Strength 3 Scoundrel Training 2

Scoundrel Feat(5):

Underhanded Tactics 5

Executioner Feat(26):

Dazzling Blades 5 Devastating Shroud 5 Brutal Backstab 5 Critical Teamwork 5 Deadly Momentum 5 Overrun Critical 1