Player: INT Rogue@x3ladez Build Type:

  • The ultimate defense: Perma-Stealth
  • Executioner

Play Style:

  • Strategic Play
  • Relies on Cool Down management to remain in stealth 100% of the time
  • Kills from a distance
  • High Crit and Crit Severity
  • Massive Damage

PvP Role:

  • Can hold an enemy captured area to prevent the opposing team from getting points
  • Excels in 1v1, 1v2, 1v3 situations. If the fight becomes too dangerous (ie, fighting against multiple talented players or the whole enemy team, you can just walk away)

This build is meant for PvP only, it focuses on Recovery Stats and Intelliegences; INT being your primary Ability Score for CD reduction. With this combination you will have a high amount of Cool Down reduction for your skills "Shadow Strike" and "Bait and Switch" which means you can refill your stealth bar more frequently, ending up with a Perma-Stealth.
*Videos need be updated with improved build*
(Perma-Stealth Rotation, watch in 1080p)
(Perma-Stealth Damage, watch in 1080p)
(Video, random PuG PvP match #1, watch in 1080p)
(Requested PvE Gameplay, watch in 1080p)
(PvP Montage #1, watch in 1080p)
'*NEW*'(Video, random PuG PvP match #2, watch in 1080p)
'*NEW*'Perma-Stealth: The Movie
(This is just a "Promo Teaser Video") Goals and What I hope for in this project
- It's going to be a 1 hour & 30min "movie" of PvP with the Perma-Stealth Build
- Hope to mix it with tips and Tricks, being informative
- People are asking to show off it's "holding capture point" capabilities against multiple enemies, so I'll try to get some clips of that.
- I'll try to make it entertaining and fun. New at this...
- If you have a request of what you want to see, let me know and I'll try to add it
Enjoy the videos~!


The build cost for Armor and Weapons is at a reasonable price. Armor is the Armor Set you purchase in Gauntlgrym so you don't have to spend AD. Rings are about 20-60K each, Amulet was about 15K, and the Belt is a bit expensive which can cost about 300K. For the weapons you will want to use Template:TextColor on your off-hand, the stat for Recovery on it is extremely nice. You'll then want to use Battlefield Skulker's Long Dagger for your main hand, this give you some nice Crit as well as some Health to increase Tenebrous Damage.
Template:TextColor Template:TextColor


For your Head, Chest, Gloves, and Boots, you will want to use the Battlefield Skulker's Set (Purchased with Gauntlgrym Coins). The main reason of using this set is for the 4th set bonus which will increase stealth duration by 25%. This is huge considering that you will want to stay in stealth at all times as it is your main form of defense. For your Neck, Ring, and Belt I recommend the items on the displayed picture below.


Slot Enchantment Effects Description
Utility Dark +Movement Out of all of the Utility Enchantments, Dark provides the best effect which increases your movement speed. This will slightly help you to catch up to fleeing enemies, avoiding and kitting targets.
Defense Radiant +Maximum Health This will increase your Tenebrous damage which will hit for 832 damage.
Offense Silvery & Tenebrous +Recovery

Chance to deal 3% of current health as Necrotic Damage.

Because of the Battlefield Skulker's set, you only need 1.7K recovery with 20 INT to reach about 25% recharge speed. Because of this it frees up some Offensive Slots so you can put in Greater Tenebrous Enchantments for a burst of DPS.
Weapon Vorpal Increases your Critical Severity by 12/25/38/50%. With the new and improved changes to the Feats, I've went with Vorpal to increase the Rogues damage. The Rogue is now spec'd as an Executioner with high critical strike chance and critical severity
Armor Soulforge Damage immunity for seconds when health below 25% his is probably the best armor enchantment for this build. It's pretty much your life saver giving you extra time to get skills off CD so you can get back into stealth. The 60 second CD is no problem considering that you can stay in stealth beyond that time and be ready for a next death emergency situation.

Ability Score

I actually had to re-roll because my main rogue couldn't get enough CD reduction (My Half-Orc had 8 INT base, which I pumped up to the max only gave me 14 INT, which is +4% CD reduction). However this build is still playable if your Rogue didn't have a high INT base upon character creation. You WILL have a time in which you will be visible to the enemy and to myself that's a big problem as you can get CC'd or Stun locked ending up with a death.
If you are a perfectionist and want the perfect stats, I recommend rolling as a Human. As a Human you can put +2 into any stat so it's best to put +2 into INT. The Base Stat you are looking for is 15 STR / 15 DEX / 12 INT (+2 INT)
As a Human you get 3 extra Heroic Feats, these Feats are placed in Scoundrel Training which increases your At-Will damage by 9%.
Dexterity: Each Ability Score above 10 provides the bonuses.

  • 1% Critical Strike
  • 1% Area of Effect damage resistance
  • .5% Deflection

This will help out your DPS as you'll see a lot more critical hit's. Intelligence: Each Ability Score above 10 provides the bonuses.

  • 1% Recharge Speed

Intelligence is very crucial to this build's play style. You need a good and high amount of Recharge Speed in order to achieve "Permanent Stealth" (Perma-Stealth).