ColorfulSky's mage domination guide.
-mages have 3 types of slow, using different levels of each version you can perm slow someone. You don't need that.
-Using ice bolt before stiffle causes the enemy mage to dispel ice first you don't need that either
-after a fighter lands a deva on you when they are stifled, you have up to 5 ways to cancel them nope
- purge can be used on skeles to stun them don't need, mage combos are not needed
Now step buy step
1. Buy sun set
2. By gab set int set
4. Get to 81 and max out mb
5. Max out duration of fear
6. Put magic blast on your hot keys (1) fear on (2) and chain cast on (3)
Now when you are fighting
1. wear int set and press 3 and 2
2. Now wear sun set and keep pressing 1 until step 3 or until they die
3. If they get too close you can either
A. Run away because you have the same speed as them
B. fear them again
4. Press 1 until they die
Step by step
1. Cast nova
2. Cast inferno
3. Cast nova again and everything will die
Against bosses:
1.put your sun set and gab set on
2. Press 1 while running with a speed scroll until the boss dies
-Fire ball like magic blast also has a huge cd reduction if maxed out at... Forget it. These tips won't help you with anything